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21 June 2010 @ 09:09 pm
I can't stand it, I really can't. This 5th series of Doctor Who is so good. SO GOOD! It's addicting and the Eleventh Doctor is drawing me in even more than the previous Doctors. I don't know how it happened, but as good as those other episodes were, they almost look hokey when compared to this new series. And I can't believe it and I can't stand it. Before, I was always anxious to go on to the next episode, to find out what journeys the Doctor had in store. But now, I am STARVED for more. It's all I can think about. It's all part of one big story and there's no end in sight and I feel like I can't breathe because the Doctor has just taken my breath away. (For all those who don't watch the show, all I have to say is "Yeah, it's that good.") But honestly, Joe asked me earlier this week if I was going to try and catch up on the whole of the 5th series before the finale that airs on Saturday. I thought I was going to limit myself to 1 new episode a day and finish in just under two weeks, but I've already watched 3 today and it's taking all my willpower not to watch more.

It's all the fault of my photo printer. See, I was trying to scrapbook today. Well, I was going to be going into work but when that became unnecessary, I started scrapbooking. It took me half the morning to find my photo printer, and when I finally got it set up, I'm finding that the only way I can print is directly from an SD card. I tried a USB which it could not read, and I also tried hooking it up to my computer, but I don't think I have the right software installed. When I began the attempt to copy the photos from my computer back to my camera, and realized the camera was out of battery, I just gave up. And I gave in to Doctor Who. And now, here I am, two hours later... It's long past time for dinner. I'm reeling and I know I should stop but I want more.

Speaking directly about the show again, as much as I love that I can flip straight through the episodes without waiting, I am getting a bit tired of accidentally encountering spoilers. For instance, in this most recent episode that I've watched, Flesh and Stone, I heard River Song tell the Doctor that she would see him again when the Pandorica opens. He said that was just a fairy tale, and I would have believed him ... but the most recent episode that has aired is called "The Pandorica Opens." Also, when I was watching some sort of YouTube clip, I caught a scene of the Doctor and Amy kissing, which I only just saw in this episode, as well. Their relationship is complicated, but I like it like that...keeps it fresh. (And keepin' it fresh is my main interest.) ((Oh dear, must remember just to burst into verbal song while trying to write.))

Anyway, it's good. It's so good. And I wonder if the Angels are gone forever...
11 April 2010 @ 12:58 am
Woke up this morning still a little tired after my late night tour of the Wren Building (for NKE clue week). But at least I didn't do Relay or else I would have been dead. Met up with some NKE pledges for another clue at the Farmer's Market, which was adorable, as always. We hung out for a little while afterward at The Cheese Shop and enjoyed bread ends and the nice weather. Then, I went back to the house for a little while before volleyball with Brittany and my Little. It was fun! The sand felt nice and the sun was out. Brad joined us, which was perfect because then we had 4! I'm so bad a sports, but I still enjoyed the game. Just as I was heading back from that, my mom called and asked for my help planting some inpatients in her garden, so I went over to do that with her :) It was such a nice day, I didn't mind being outside. We worked on that for maybe 1.5 hours, after which we went to get some late lunch at Tropical Smoothie - SO GOOD. I just love their Pineapple Delight smoothie. As she was taking me back to campus, I got a text from Kevin, inviting me to catch an outdoor showing of The Blind Side. After we planned to see it, he found out that it was postponed - so he suggested that we go see Date Night instead. IT WAS SO HILARIOUS. Steve Carrel and Tina Fey are just the best - and I barely stopped laughing. Also, got popcorn at the movie which I usually don't do, so it was a yummy treat! Then after that, we came back to Phi Mu to watch YouTube videos. We started with the "Sassy Gay Friend" series and then just ended up watching for ... awhile. YouTube is so addictive. It's a problem. But in conclusion, today was beautiful, spontaneous, and lots of fun :)
09 October 2009 @ 10:35 am
So ... oh em gee ...  I can haz Little Little ?!  Yes ... yes I can :)

When we got the news last night my Little was SO SO excited!!!  Basically she's wanted a Little for awhile now - but being abroad last semester kind of made that impossible.  So now, she finally has her chance!  And she LOVES her new Little - I do, too!  Out of all the new babies in the pledge class, my new Little Little is one of my favorites!!

Basically, there was much screaming and hugging.  There has already been much spending at the Campus Shop.  There has been planning and much joy and merriment!  Basically, I love thissss!  And I love how happy it has made my Little :)

Other than that?  Beautiful day.  Crepes this morning, thanks to the lovely Ali and Kelly.  Lab work going on track, which is excellent.  Hoping to get a lot done and also have lots of fun this weekend!  Also, I have to cash some checks and return my library book.  And do some actual work for classes, too, I guess :P

But right now basically I love life!
09 August 2009 @ 02:53 am
Nothing - absolutely NOTHING - is happening to the world on December 21st 2021, except for the annual winter solstice. 

I am getting SO sick and tired of the doomsday predictions.  But more than that - I am starting to get scared that all of the hype is actually starting to affect people.  Read: There are nut jobs out there who actually believe the doomsday theories associated with the 'resetting' of the Mayan calendar.  I mean, please.  There isn't a shred of scientific of historical evidence to support these theories.  The most amazing historical gap is the fact that, according to Mayan scholars, the Mayans themselves did not ever indicate or predict that this new baktun cycle would mark the end of the world, any more than the end of our calendar year predicts anything catastrophic. 

There is, in fact, nothing that could happen to the WHOLE WORLD like the predictions would suggest.  No change in solar activity that would affect us.  No spontaneous dissolution of the atmosphere or magnetic field.  No dramatic splitting of the earth's crust or eruption of all the supervolcanos.  It is not possible for pieces of coastline to just break off and fall into the ocean...or underlying asthenosphere.  There is no near earth object on its way to kill us - scientists will know of such an object long before it comes - and there is NOT one scheduled for 2012 or at any point in the forseeable future.  Gravity will not suddenly change.  The earth/sun will not suddenly start to spin faster.  NOTHING IS GOING TO HAPPEN.

Paul McCartney said it best, "It's just another day..."

The only thing that scares me is that my fellow, largely uneducated human beings will take these doomsday predictions to heart and act accordingly.  This is why I don't even think it's funny to JOKE about 2012...  The ignorant masses are the only legitimate threat...
21 July 2009 @ 01:09 am
I'm starting to get really excited about not having a meal plan next year.  I've never found the dining hall food to be wonderful - though it's certainly tolerable, and even good sometimes.  However, the big problem is that even in the buffet-style dining halls, there is VERY little selection in any given day, and very little variety on a weekly basis.  When I eat there, I usually find myself settling for food that I don't really like (or that I am tired of eating) just because there is nothing else and I'm hungry.

The advantages, of course, are the convenience of walking in to find readily-prepared food and the social aspect of dining with friends.  However, what are we willing to pay for convenience?  Most meal plan prices budget for roughly $10 per meal.  If you count all of these meals as "dining out" that starts to make sense.  After all, the cost covers the dining hall employees, the facility, and all the food (eaten or uneaten).  But if you consider that this food is substandard to most restaurants AND that it's not good to eat that type of food on a daily basis, the advantages start to pale in comparison to the costs.  Realistically, you can eat BETTER, healthier food for LESS money if you shop for your own groceries and cook your own food.  And the social aspect, for me, is covered as I live in a house with 16 other girls, several of whom are also without meal plans.  It may not take less TIME overall (but probably not much more), and I may miss out on the occasional "dining hall" social engagement...  But I have definitely noticed myself dining there as a "social" event less often each year, and I can always meet people for food at a local restaurant or bring my own food and eat just outside of the dining hall.  There may even be the occasional time when I select to dine at the "a la carte" style dining hall.  But it will ALWAYS be cheaper and healthier to go without a meal plan.
29 March 2009 @ 12:57 am
Another weekend of camping.  This time, it wasn't mandatory.  But it's not like making it optional would have stopped me from going:P  Even when I am drowning in work, I will take any excuse to avoid it;)  

But before we left, I had to get through my typical Friday.  I was graced with a few extra moments to call my own, as my 9:00 class and my 11:00 class both ended early.  The former allowed me to check email before chem, and the latter allowed me time to get lunch and arrive on time to the Geo Brown Bag lunch:)  The Brown Bag culture is so interesting.  Some geo kids don't *ever* go.  Most geo kids go, but only *sometimes*.  I literally go every single week that I can.  And mostly, the only times that I *can't* go have been related to class (I had a MWF 12pm class last semester - NEVER AGAIN).  Clearly, it's not a mandatory event, but to go is to pay homage to the student presenting.  Also, I think the faculty really appreciate it when we go!  So, I always go.  And I love it.  I really enjoyed Morgan's talk - "What Lies Beneath - Benthic Sediment Transport."  After Brown Bag, I had the Numerical Modeling Seminar (not my favorite, but I am pulling through).  And then my advisor sat down with his three students (I thought there were four, but it may be that only three of us attended this because we are all giving our talks this Monday, and the fourth is not) for us to practice our research proposal presentations.  It was such a good step, because we all had things that we needed to fix.  And I intend to spend a decent amount of time practicing it tomorrow...  

And THEN we left on the field trip.  There isn't too much to say about Friday night.  It rained, which is unfortunate.  But I had excellent rain gear to wear, so I was fine.  My tent leaks, but I stayed dry somehow.  (I am getting a new tent SOON*)  We had burritos for dinner and homemade salsa, which was DELICIOUS!  I love geology cooking - it simply can't be beat.  And we had s'mores stuff for dessert, but there was no fire, which was unfortunate.  After food, we all stood around chatting.  Quite a few of the people who were there are also going to California with me this summer ... and I have to say ... I couldn't be more excited:)  It's going to be the most fantastic trip in every way!  And then I get to come back and go to Laura's wedding, and then shall commence the remainder of my summer.  Research, research ... and possibly babysitting?

So, after we got back from the trip (I won't go into the geeky rock details, but there were some pretty fab outcrops - and it didn't rain during the day at all!) I rushed around to get my camping stuff to my house, get my car, and take a shower.  I barely made my 8pm babysitting appointment - for my advisor's daughter, Megan.  OMG SHE IS SO ADORABLE!  I can't even begin to describe.  I think the reason I like babysitting so much is because I'm an only child, and I forget how exciting it is to talk to kids.  She's 10 and she's so smart!  We carried on a rousing conversation between and after Legally Blonde.  She had never seen it, but her parents said it was okay - even though as I was watching it, it's a lot more crude than I realized/remembered.  I had to explain things that...were awkward.  And occasionally some pop-culture references, like the Taco Bell dog and whether Princeton is a good school.  Greg and Sarah encouraged me to eat, and as I hadn't eaten anything yet, I had a piece of their veggie shepherd's pie, which was quite delicious.  Then Megan and I had ice cream cookies for dessert, which were also delicious!  Anyway, we had a lot in common - and thus, a lot to talk about.  I was kind of bad babysitter, because I didn't make her go to bed on time.  And, I realized when she finally did get in bed, I didn't make her brush her teeth.  Though, one night isn't going to do too much damage.  I do hope I get to babysit her again.  I gave her some suggestions for books to read that I enjoyed at her age (Holes, Bridge to Terabithia, and The Witches) and my phone number if she had any questions about them!  

You know, I didn't exactly have time to spend the evening babysitting - and I had to go out of my way to rush and get there on time (we're talking 2 minute shower and no hair-drying).  But at the same time, I was really flattered that Greg had asked me.  And I ended up having a delightful, relaxing evening hanging out with a really cool kid and watching one of my favorite movies!  

I'm going to bed soon, so that I can have a really productive day tomorrow!
13 March 2009 @ 01:06 am
This thought has occurred to me recently ... Why do I always fall for the WRONG kind of guys?  The totally impractical, "you should really just be friends" kind of guys.  Why?  I've even dated them, and it doesn't end well.  But the ending is even more bittersweet when there is never any dating and only awkward.

I would like to learn to play pool.  Among other things.

On another note, Spring Break has been awesome:)  Full of funny moments & lots of good, clean fun:

We've wandered around downtown Charleston (while volunteering) on a beautiful, sunny day.  We've gone to see a zany, hilarious play.  We've gone to the beach.  We've gone salsa dancing.  We're planning to go to a karaoke bar Friday evening.   

I can has Charleston forever?  Please?
06 March 2009 @ 10:40 pm
Today I took two midterms...
Today I got some really sad news.  But don't ask me about it.
Today I ate brunch and semi-lunch among people with whom I don't usually dine, but it was nice!
Today I walked around in a t-shirt. (Tuesday was the coldest day in the 'burg since the 1920s.)
Today I ran around like a headless chicken.
Today I got to see my godmother for the first time since 8th grade.

Tomorrow I will be going to South Carolina.
Tomorrow I will be driving for 8+ hours.
Tomorrow I will be going non-stop from 8am probably until midnight.
But I am going on a service trip with awesome people.  And I am truly excited:)

Why am I not packing?  Srsly.
03 August 2008 @ 01:18 am

(If you'd like to walk with me along the trail of life, comment here!)

Current Mood: excitedexcited
This weekend, I did a whole lot of nothing...punctuated by random exciting and productive moments.  Friday night = NKE Scavenger Hunt ( = awesome pledges, mix CDs, and singing on Barret Porch with JoBeth).  Saturday morning = volunteering at 4-H ( = getting up EARLY, spending a lovely morning outdoors, and meeting a really awesome new friend!).  Saturday afternoon = sitting around and watching The Office, and Saturday evening = sitting around and watching The Office with my little:)  Sunday = hanging out with mom, doing an Easter Egg hunt (apparently I will never be too old?), and taking Bonnie to the dog part.  Sunday evening = PRODUCTIVITY (but still no reading for my classes, which is probably NOT a good thing...)

I came to a realization the other day.  I think I may be incapable of not being entertained.  I can sit on my butt for hours, true...but my mind cannot survive without being entertained.  To sleep, I have to listen to music or something so that my mind does not wander and keep me up.  To just sit around, I have to always be doing something...music, reading, internet...or else I get panicked that I am WASTING TIME or something.  Can I not just ever sit around and do NOTHING?? 

Well...that's what I had to say, I suppose:)  I got into a program for this summer...The Phoenix Project in Petersburg.  I am still waiting to hear from all of my REUs, and if I get accepted (with conditions) to Furman's program, I will do that.  Otherwise, I am definitely doing the Phoenix Project!  Rho Chi interview today, too!  Woohoo.  Okay, must go shower and activate new phone.