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When words fail, music speaks.

5 October 1987
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  • joyfulmusician@livejournal.com
As a Senior at the College, I enjoy:
Nu Kappa Epsilon (Music Sorority)
Phi Mu (Panhellenic Sorority)
The W&M Geology Department and my Senior Thesis project
Campus Kitchens (CKWM)
Working as a field assistant for a VIMS Ph.D Candidate
Domestic Spring Break Service Expereinces (SBSE)

"Do what you love & love what you do."

I can leave my room without looking in the mirror. I like to brag about my ability to survive outdoors. I am unnaturally obsessed with water & rocks. I am a huge fan of giraffes. My enthusiasm is uncontrollable! I own too many books that I haven't read and too many scarves for one person. To me, a clean room means nothing is on the floor. I want to be a Park Ranger when I grow up.

PS: 90% of this journal is friends only.
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